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And Odette’s clients say ….

The dogs’ comfort and enjoyment is always at the heart of all of Odette’s training. Contented, waggly tails are the best recommendation for her training methods. And here is what the doggy’s owners say...


Odette dog training with Gill & Rory

"Odette is so calm and understanding with all the dogs that she comes into contact with.

She is a fount of knowledge on dog behaviour and is keen to help with any problem or stumbling block that a dog owner may experience with their dog.

I thoroughly recommend Odette. She is very special."

Gill and Rory (2018)


"Thank you so much for the workshop this morning Cypher and I both loved it. Lots of tips and skills to work on :)"

Lindsay and Cypher (2018)


Odette dog training with Klemen & Louie


"Very professional and adapting on the dogs needs.

Would recommend to any one who has problems."

Klemen and Louie (2018)


Odette dog training with Klemen & Louie


"Thanks for a great Saturday morning.

Rexy and Teddy really enjoyed themselves and it was a great training experience for Rexy, I think he was much more confident by the end"

Katie with Rexie and Teddie (2018)


"Odette is brilliantly patient and knowledgeable. I have really enjoyed our training and learnt some fabulous tips, especially with raising a puppy in a household of 4 kids! Thank you so much x"

Tania with Cocoa (2017)


"Hi Odette, Thank you so much for this afternoon, you've given us a wealth of information and some brilliant training for Fin. He is currently upside down asleep on the sofa, which is where he has been since you left and not moved haha! It was worth every penny today. And can't wait to getting training with him...when he wakes up haha! We will keep you posted with his training :). Thank you"

Amanda and Fin, Vizsla (2016)


Odette dog training withCliff & Pearl

"Hi Odette, haven't been in touch for ages. Just thought you might like to know our lovely Staffi cross Pearl has been with us for nearly 3 years now. She has turned out to be a wonderful pet and is very much a big part of the family. Remember she had so many issues, and I was having a hard time dealing with her what with suffering from Parkinson's myself. She's just great and no bother with other dogs now, no muzzle required at's wonderful. Thanks for your help and guidance."

Cliff and Pearl, Staffordshire Bull Terrier (2016)


"Many thanks Odette for yesterday and thanks too to Tigger – he was lovely and very patient! Meg has just had a lovely afternoon with Dugald and they played well but not as frantically as last time. I am very grateful for all your help and am now very positive about Meg’s training. Thank you once again"

Jean and Meg, Border Terrier (2015)


"Yorkie has been a million times better with his recall over the last few weeks. Thank you so much for the help and pointers it has made such a difference"

Barbara and Yorkie, miniature Labradoodle (2015)


Odette dog training with Tessie and Stuart

"Tessie, a Spaniel Cross, adopted us at the Dog's Trust. She is the loveliest dog but during her time at the rescue centres had become reactive to other dogs, to such a degree that we were advised to keep her away from other dogs so she didn't get stressed.

As first time dog owners we wondered whether we had taken on more than we could manage but training with Odette has not only been a joy, it has also transformed Tessie and us. In the early days, just having huge fields for Tessie to run untroubled by other dogs was a joy. Over time Tessie has been introduced successfully to more and more dogs and has got over her lack of social skills.

We have gone from finding it difficult passing dogs on the other side of the road and seeing them in the distance, to playing with dogs on the beach and even walked through a Festival last week!

It is such a wonderful transformation and is all down to Odette teaching us how to work with Tessie. We simply can not recommend Odette enough, all dog owners should be made to attend her lessons."

Stuart and Tessie, Spaniel Cross (2014)


"Hi Odette. Thought I would let you know the training worked a treat. Had a walk round the forest where sheep were in there 10’s and she looked at them looked at me then carried on walking by, didn’t even have to show her the ball. Really pleased because without your help it would not have been such a pleasant walk. If anyone asks me for a dog trainer you will be highly recommended. Thanks again."

Dan and Lexi, Boxer (2014)


Hettie happily settled at home

"I brought Hettie home about 2 1/2 years ago from the Dogs Trust. I fell in love with her instantly, however I was soon doubting my decision. Hettie was strong, bold, disobedient and destructive. After 9 months I decided to return her to the Trust. They were very understanding of my plight and asked if I would be prepared to keep hold of her and meet with a dog behaviourist.

Odette of Muttley Matters came to visit us. She spent time assessing both Hetties behaviour and mine. She knew how to address each situation and taught not just Hettie but me too. Odette has a fabulous calming influence and a trick in the book for every eventuality. Hettie is a very much loved member of my family and we owe it all to Odette, training both of us so we could live together in harmony. Don't give up........ Muttley does Matter."

Sue and Hettie, Staffordshire Cross (2014)

"Hi. Just thought I would give you a quick email to let you know how Sadie is getting on. We have had her for one year now, never thought we would get there but with your help with training and some hard work she is becoming a good dog, still some way to go but will get there. Thankyou"

Mrs Yokom and Sadie, Dalmatian (2014)


Odette is a Certified Trick Dog Instructor, a qualified Force Free Trick Trainer and full member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, and the Association of Pet Dog Trainers

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