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Is your dog dealing with aggression, fears, lack of recall or separation issues?
Or needing doggy manners and life skills? Or does he or she have

Your dog matters to Muttley Matters. 


Field training

Odette offers 121 training and behaviour consults* on privately owned land in beautiful countryside outside Horsham, West Sussex. With open fields for burning off pent-up energy and woodland for mental stimulation and natural agility, your dog will love it.

  • Single field session (45 minutes): £25
  • Behavioural consultation (1 hour): £55

Contact Odette to find out more.

* For some issues (e.g. aggression towards other dogs or nervousness on walks), Odette offers behaviour consults in her fields. The fee includes careful consideration of your pre consultation questionnaire, the field session, behavioural training notes specific to your dog and phone/email support. Follow-up field sessions (e.g. to work with Odette’s stooge dogs) are charged at the “single session” rate and include any further training notes required.


A great place to learn
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Doggy manners to life skills

Behaviour consults in your home

For those dogs that need specialist behaviour help (e.g. multi-dog issues, aggression
towards people, excessive barking or resource guarding), Odette offers behaviour
modification support in the comfort of your home.

Please note that most behaviour issues
are complex. Unfortunately quick fixes are few and far between and there is no magic wand!

Odette therefore works on the basis of two visits minimum - the initial consult and at least
one follow-up visit to help you implement your dog’s modification programme.

  • Behaviour consultation (1.5 hours): £85
  • Follow-up visit (1 hour): £60

The behaviour fee includes careful consideration of your pre-consultation questionnaire, the
home consult, travel in the Horsham area, a modification plan and phone/email support.

Odette is happy to quote for further afield.
For a specialist package to deal with separation issues please contact Odette.


Home training visits

Odette will come to your home and help you and your dog reach your training goals together. Home training visits are ideal for dogs worried about car travel, if your dog is too shy or reactive to go to class, or if you prefer training 121 at home.

  • Per visit (1 hour): £60

The fee includes travel in the Horsham area. Odette is happy to quote for further afield. Please contact Odette to find out more.

Home training 1-2-1


Odette is a Certified Trick Dog Instructor, a qualified Force Free Trick Trainer and full member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, and the Association of Pet Dog Trainers